Management Only

If you already have a tenant living in your investment property or if you are unsatisfied with your current managing agent, you can transfer the management of your property.

Properion is experienced in taking over the management of existing tenancies and is experienced in doing so at short notice.

How to make the change to Properion?

If you decided to transfer the management of your investment property over to Properion, we will:

  • Contact your current managing agents to do the handover, collect the keys and transfer tenant’s deposit into our custodial scheme
  • Review the tenancy arrangements, check the lease agreements and any possible rent increases
  • Contact your current tenant(s) introducing ourselves. We will inform them of our policies and procedures and provide them with the updated payment details
  • Arrange a time with you to discuss and advise you of the current condition of your property
  • Conduct any overdue routine inspections

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We offer a tailored service to cover the furnishing of your asset to ensure maximum rental incomes.


With vast experience in property refurbishment and project management, we competently and efficiently manage projects from start to finish.


vacant management

Whether you’re selling your property, awaiting probate, pending planning or building works, or if you’re just conscious of the safety and security of your assets, we can remove the worry of managing your vacant property.

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