vacant management

Whether you’re selling your property, awaiting probate, pending planning or building works, or if you’re just conscious of the safety and security of your assets, we can remove the worry of managing your vacant property.

Empty properties can quickly fall into disrepair

Insurance companies usually require regular inspections

Vacant properties attract criminal activities

Anyone that trespasses into a vacant building and suffers a mishap, the property owner is still liable

We can help you maintain your property’s value, by keeping it presentable
and in working order, ready for re-occupancy.

Our vacant property management service could provide the solution

  • Experienced property manager
  • Key holding
  • Monthly property visit
  • Collecting/forwarding post
  • Arranging payment of utility bills
  • Cleaning arrangements
  • Arranging garden maintenance

Additional Services:

  • Additional property visits
  • Arranging safety checks
  • Squatter eviction and clean up
  • Grafitti Removal
  • Boarding up and security screens
  • Alarm Systems
  • Removals